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Bonnie Newman wedding videography in Maine and New England
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Bonnie + Jon



Jon Marsley wedding photographer in Maine and New England
Maine New Hampshire New England Wedding Photographer Photography Engagement Elopement Videography Videographer



Your wedding day is NOT about us, it’s about YOU, your love, and your experience. Before you keep reading, take a second to dream and ponder on how you want to feel on your wedding day, how you want to spend your time, and who you want to be around.


Maine New Hampshire New England Wedding Photographer Photography Engagement Elopement Videography Videographer

This is the part where two strangers (for now) swoop in to make sure you actually enjoy your wedding day, while simultaneously capturing those genuine, unfiltered, and honest moments to create timeless keepsakes that will last for light-years to come. We approach your wedding day as professionals, but also as friends. Our goal is to make sure you and your guests are having a great time, feeling comfortable, and spending as much time as possible with each other, instead of with us. 


We’re Bonnie and Jon, otherwise known as


and we're here to document your day, not dictate it.

Maine New Hampshire New England Wedding Photographer Photography Engagement Elopement Videography Videographer

If your dream wedding vibes are...

...then we should chat!

Boston Maine Wedding Photography couple's review

Tess + Derek

"We loved their work so much so that we actually moved our wedding to ensure they were available. Not only are they creatively super talented, but they are also incredibly kind and funny people who have become our friends through this journey. We are so happy they were a part of our wedding celebration, and cannot recommend them enough.

New Hampshire Outdoor Garden Wedding couple's review

Olivia + Forrest

"Not only did they deliver on amazing quality and story-telling, but Bonnie and Jon were the sweetest and most easy going to work with. Our day never felt interrupted or intruded on. Having had the chance to get to know them through wedding planning and our engagement shoot, it was truly just like they were part of all our family and friends. 

Portland Maine New England Wedding Elopement Photographer

Yna + Emil

"Bonnie and Jon were so much fun and we loved that everything felt natural. Me and my husband are quite camera-shy, but they made us feel natural and comfortable. The final products were what we wanted and more! We will be looking at these pictures and videos for the rest of our lives and having Bonnie and Jon capture them was the perfect choice."

About Us


Together we make a pretty great team, both at life and as a videography and photography team in Maine. We met each other 14 years ago working at IKEA, talked on and off for years, and finally made the moves on each other in 2018. It's been a wild ride, and in the summer of 2021, we got engaged at Acadia National Park in Maine, and eloped in October 2022. Our story is pretty crazy and intense, but we're totally open to swapping stories with you over a drink!

We can be pretty silly and ridiculous around each's kind of disgusting sometimes. Like, we apologize in advance for any thrusting or butt grabs you witness on the dance floor. As silly as we are, we can also be big, emotional, mushy romantics with each other. More apologies in advance if you catch us crying at your wedding over something that made us feel ooey gooey inside.

Curious about how ooey gooey and silly we are in real life? Check out OUR wedding video!


If you don't book us, book them (our wedding videographer): Wild Oak Films


                                              is everything I could ever ask out of a partner in this life. She is my rock when I am struggling, and exudes a resolve that keeps me going when I would normally throw in the towel. She is the light that greets me with the sweetest smile every morning when she rolls out of bed two hours behind me, endlessly warming my soul like a kid on Christmas day. She puts up with my goofiness around the clock, and when I can actually make her laugh, it’s so infectious that it leaves me in tears. I have never felt so comfortable in my own skin as I do in her presence. As long as she is by my side I know that everything will be alright. She amazes me every day with her creativity and talents, her hard work, and of course those stunning eyes of hers! Her ability to tell me numerous times throughout the day how much she loves me, and to make each of those times feel more sincere than the last, is just one of the many reasons I married her.


Maine New Hampshire New England Wedding Photographer Photography Engagement Elopement Videography Videographer


                  is the funniest person I’ve ever met, and he makes me laugh at the dumbest shit every single day. His sense of humor is light-hearted, goofy, and absurd. Nearly every morning, I wake up to a new jingle that he’s written for me. He puts a smile on my face from the time I wake up to the time I come to bed 3 hours later than him. Jon is also the most thoughtful person in my world. He’s an expert at remembering the slightest mention of something, and creating the most memorable gift out of it. On that note, Jon is an excellent listener, and it’s one of the biggest reasons I married him. He makes me feel heard and understood like no one ever has. He’s never told me I’m over-exaggerating or that I’m too emotional…instead, he takes the time to actually listen and understand my feelings, and has taught me to do the same. Jon has always encouraged me to be myself, and I love him for that. Jon is also smashingly good looking for his age, which is really just the perfect cherry on top of an already excellent ice-cream sundae.




                             is our beloved, adorable, completely spoiled cat. We call her our lazy mascot. Bonnie adopted Lulu back in 2015, after someone found her giving birth to kittens in a bush. She was a complete asshole, but she didn't choose the street life, the street life chose her. After years of patient love, lulu finally came around to occasional cuddles on top of Bon's keyboard. Enter Jon...and Lulu was completely swooned. Lu basically pretends like her life before Jon never existed, and pretty much ignores Bonnie most of the time. Doesn't matter, Bonnie still smooshes her face into Lu's belly every chance she can.


Maine New Hampshire New England Wedding Photographer Photography Engagement Elopement Videography Videographer



bride and groom embracing at Saltonstall Farm in New Hampshire




Because we offer both photography and videography, individually and combined, with LOTS of upgrades, it becomes a bit intricate to place in a small spot on a webpage. But here's a start...

Our starting package for Photo + Video is


and includes:

Up to 8 hours of coverage

6-8 minute Cinematic Highlight Film

1-minute Sneak Peek Trailer

A Full Length Ceremony + Toast edit

All "raw" video footage

Aerial Drone Footage and Photos

600-800 human-edited photos

Sneak Peek photo gallery

A 2-hour Engagement Session

The videography-only portion of this package is


The photography-only portion of this package is


New Hampshire Rainy Lake Wedding


Looking for our full Info + Investment guide?

Fill out the form on our contact page and let's get this party started!

Maine New Hampshire New England Wedding Photographer Photography Engagement Elopement Videography Videographer


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