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A Romantic, Rainy Day At A Boutique Hotel- Elizabeth + Devon's Wedding Sneak Peek!

So...what happens when the forecast calls for severe storms to start in the afternoon on your wedding day? And when the plan is to sneak in a first look and bridal party photos at the park across the street right before the rain starts? Well, sometimes the rain just says "screw you, imma rain right now!' and you throw all previous plans out the window! Welcome to Elizabeth + Devon's wedding!

Alright, so it wasn't nearly as bad as it sounds! These two were so easy going, and honestly so freakin' in love and excited to get married that they hardly even noticed the rain. And while we had racked our brains in advance as to where we could film in case the weather didn't cooperate, our options were pretty limited inside the venue itself. But, thanks to Grace, the consistently incredible coordinator at The Birchwood, we got some straight up VIP access to usually inaccessible spaces!

When we asked Elizabeth and Devon what they were most excited about for their wedding day, they answered that it was all about their friends and family coming together to celebrate. And that really sums up what a great couple and group of people showed up for this special occasion. They chose an old-world-meets-modern romantic style to dress up the ballroom, and the stunning pops of color in the florals provided by Lemon Drops truly brought things to the next level!

Eventually the rain took enough of a break that we were able to take the couple outside with one of the umbrellas we always keep on hand just in case, and captured some great shots of the two of them as newly weds! Back inside, the party really took of with some absolutely top notch DJing by Modern Era, as the guests danced the night away well into the evening!


Videography + Photography- Mars and the Moon Films

Florals- Lemon Drops

Greetings, Earthling!

We're Bonnie and Jon, otherwise known as #TeamBonJon, and we're here to document your wedding day, not dictate it. 

We are a wife-husband videography and photography team based in southern Maine, capturing really cool, dope weddings and elopements across all of New England. 

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