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Bonnie Newman Creative has EXPLODED and turned into stardust! Here's what you should know!

Mars and the moon film formerly Bonnie Newman Creative

If this is your first time visiting our planet, WELCOME! You're probably gonna have no idea what we're even talking about, but to bring you up to speed, we've officially changed our name from "Bonnie Newman Creative" to.....*epic drum roll and space laser noises please*

First things first, why the name change?

Nothing bad happened, we didn't get a bad review, we are not disappearing!

When I (Bonnie) first started this business, it was just me and my video camera, so I appropriately named my business, "Bonnie Newman Creative." Pretty original, right? However, in the last several years, my business has transformed into OUR business. With Jon by my side, we began offering photography services as well (Jon was a wedding photographer before we got together!), and our old name started to not make sense anymore. As many of you know, we are engaged and gettin' married this year, and we will officially become the Marsley's (yeah, Jon's got a pretty cool last name, I'll take that one). To top it all off, we're eloping at Craters of the Moon National Monument. So...."Mars And The Moon" came to be, and we think it's a pretty dope name!

Bonnie and Jon Marsley of Mars and the Moon Films, New England based wedding videography photography

If you're a current or past client of ours, here's what you should know!

  • Our old website, will still exist for at least a year, but will simply redirect visitors to our new website, So if you love us so much that you're sending your engaged friends over to our old website, they'll still be able to find us (you rock for doing that, btw).

  • Our instagram profile name will change, but it is still the same instagram page, you shouldn't have to add us again. However, we ask moving forward, any content posted of our videography and/or photography be tagged with @marsmoonfilms ...I know, such a pain.

  • Our old emails will also still exist and simply redirect to our new emails. We will begin to respond to emails from our new accounts, so you have those emails in your contacts.

  • We don't use facebook, don't even go there.

  • Your wedding films will have our new logo in them instead of our old one...duh! Let's be honest, this new logo is way sexier anyway.

  • No need to resign any contracts or anything, you're all set!

  • The one issue you may run into is not being able to access your client portal, and if your films and photo gallery have already been delivered, those links may not work once we change the name over on those sites. If you have any issues accessing any of these, please don't hesitate to reach out to us immediately so we can send you the updated links!

#Teambonjon Bonnie and Jon Marsley of Mars and the Films, New England based wedding videography and photography

If you a vendor friend (otherwise known as a "friendor"), basically everything listed above applies to you too! We are so super thankful for all of the awesome venues and planners that refer us to couples (they know what's up), so if there's any updated print material we can send you to pass on, please let us know!

We're super excited, and also nervous AF about this transition, but we can't thank everyone enough for helping it be as smooth as possible! It's a big scary step, but we believe it's gonna be totally worth it. This new brand really speaks of who we are, and we ultimately believe couples are looking to connect with whoever they choose to capture their weddings.

Bonnie Marsley of Mars And The Moon Films and Photo, New England based wedding videography and photography

That's all for now!

This is Bonnie,



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Greetings, Earthling!

We're Bonnie and Jon, otherwise known as #TeamBonJon, and we're here to document your wedding day, not dictate it. 

We are a wife-husband videography and photography team based in southern Maine, capturing really cool, dope weddings and elopements across all of New England. 

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