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Stunning Seacoast Engagement Session in Biddeford, Maine

A man and woman embrace while standing on a rock on the Maine coastline.

On a late September afternoon in Biddeford, we met up with Alexa and Tom at The Lincoln Hotel to share in cocktails and conversation before settling into photographing the chemistry between the two of them. With our fingers crossed to capture some epic golden hour lighting out on the coast of Biddeford Pool, we took some time to first snap a few images around the beautiful lobby of the hotel before heading out.

A man and woman sitting side by side, holding cocktails at the Lincoln Hotel in Biddeford Maine

The remarkably well decorated space provided quite a romantic backdrop for these intimate images. Alexa and Tom immediately knew how to show off their love for one another in front of our cameras with minimal input from us. They cuddled, kissed, and giggled their way from one area to another, slowly sipping their drinks and feeling like no one else was around but them.

About fifteen minutes into photographing the couple, we were approached by an employee who told us we weren't quite allowed to be shooting inside of the hotel. Now, we did do the right thing and ask the bartender if it would be alright beforehand, and while he gave us the go ahead, apparently it was not his call to make. Whoops! Knowing we had to wrap things up quickly, we snapped a few extra shots in a cozy little library corner while Alexa and Tom did their best impressions of rock stars and played it cool with their sunglasses on!

A man and woman sitting on a corner couch in a library wearing sunglasses.

With the sky looking like it was going to cooperate and give us a beautiful sunset, we set off on the twenty minute drive over to the coast, and more specificaly, the East Point Sanctuary. While we had taken several walks through this area on our own in the past, always commenting on what a great place it would make for photos, we hadn't yet had the chance to work with any couples in capturing its natural beauty. Luckily, Alexa and Tom were looking for an outdoor setting with the vibe of Ferry Beach State Park and we knew right away that we just had to recommend the sanctuary to them!

A man kissing a woman on the cheek while they stand on the coastline in Biddeford Pool, Maine.

One of the biggest draws for us to Biddeford Pool and the East Point Sanctuary is its wide array of scenery. From wooded paths to open fields and the iconic jagged rocky coastline Maine is known for, this area has a little bit of everything we could want for an outdoor engagement session. Alexa and Tom immediately fell in love with the location and had a blast exploring all of the different spaces with us.

An engaged couple standing side by side holding hands and making funny faces at each other.

A man and woman holding hands and climbing up rocks on the coast of Maine with a lighthouse in the distance.

A woman in a white dress standing on a rock on the coast of Southern Maine, holding a man's hand and twirling her dress.

Just as the sun was beginning to sink closer to the horizon, giving off the first glimpses of its golden hour glow, we were treated to the breathtaking addition of a faint rainbow out over the water where we were about to start shooting! We immediately all took our places to make sure we took advantage of this fleeting moment in the evening.

Check out the behind the scenes video below of just how excited the couple was to see the in camera images that were captured just moments earlier! That type of reaction is exactly what we live for!

Shortly afterwards the sky really began to glow and we made sure to capture some intimate moments between these two in the stunning light.

A man and woman with their arms around each other walking down a pathway in a field during golden hour light.

To end things with a real bang, we snuck out onto an area of tall grasses in a nearby golf course, because how could we not photograph this incredible scene!? Golden hour very rarely gets more golden than this, and after snapping a few pics we knew we had successfully captured the vibe Alexa and Tom had envisioned.

A woman and man standing in a field of tall grasses during glowing golden hour light.

Alexa and Tom used the included engagement session credit from the photography package they booked with us for their August wedding at The Wentworth Inn in New Hampshire for this shoot. These sessions are included as a part of both our 9 and 12 hour photo packages. If you're not quite ready to book for your wedding, we also offer two hour sessions for $500, including outfit changes and multiple locations as time allows for. Head over to our Contact page to reach out for more information and to book a session of your own!

A black and white image of a couple kissing on the coastline of Maine.


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