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Portland, Maine Elopement Session - Jennifer + Sean

bride and groom embracing next to a graffiti wall during a Portland, Maine elopement session

We were super excited when Jen and Sean reached out to us about capturing the two of them fully dressed in their wedding outfits around downtown Portland, Maine. As Maine wedding photographers, it's not often we have the breathing room with a bride and groom to do creative shots in a city without the pressure of a wedding day timeline beckoning us back to a reception after something like a brief 20 minute period. So how did we get so lucky to capture these two? Read on to find out more about this unique Portland, Maine elopement session!

Being the surprisingly small world it is, Jen and Sean are actually former Tampa residents, just like us, who visited Portland on a whim, just like us, and immediately fell in love with it...just like us! Where things start to vary just slightly, but still kinda follow our own story, is that they wound up eloping on Peaks Island on their initial visit, whereas on our first visit we had just gotten engaged in Acadia and wound up shopping for rings right here in the Old Port. So...that's sort of coincidental, right!?

While Jen and Sean privately said their 'I Dos' last year on that first visit, one critical piece of the romantic getaway was missing...images capturing the occasion! And so that's where we fit in to the story. To mark their one year anniversary, the couple decided to make a return trip, this time ready to make a statement in the outfits they would have worn had they had a traditional ceremony in front of family and friends.

Lucky enough for us, we had been dying to capture some photos around the Old Port neighborhood, and these two were definitely up for it! They were absolute naturals in front of the camera, and of course the morale boost from everyone on the street congratulating them and complimenting their attire was an added bonus.

We even took a break halfway through their session to grab a bite to eat at Cheese Louise. And while Jen and Sean enjoyed a pretty epic grilled cheese, we gave them some space while continuing to capture all the little moments, which led to some wonderful, unique images!

After some slightly sketchy middle of the street dips and romantic nuzzling under a full moon, we wound things down and let them head out to a fancy celebration dinner. And while all good things must come to an end and the two of them had to travel back home, Jen and Sean now have the images and memories to commemorate their elopement and anniversary. We couldn't be more grateful to have been asked to capture these, and our fingers are crossed that they come back to Portland again soon so we can all hang out and catch up on life!

blurry motion black and white image of a bride and groom on a city street during their Portland, Maine elopement


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