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Peaks Island Wedding At TEIA Club - Gorgeous Late Summer Gathering in Maine

Drone photo looking down on a bride and groom laying on a dock at Peaks Island Maine

There are few things as iconic in southern Maine during the summer as catching a Casco Bay ferry across the channel to Peaks Island. The warmth of the sun, the scent of the ocean, the sound of waves lapping against the coastline... Needless to say, it wasn't a difficult decision for Zoe and Cody to travel from Colorado and bring their families together for a postcard perfect wedding weekend this past September.

Three different types of boats sailing in the summer at Casco Bay Maine

A photo of the Peaks Island ferry terminal from the water in Maine

Aside from its natural beauty, Peaks Island also holds a place in Zoe's heart, as her family owns a summer home on its coast and she grew up spending her summers there. We were fortunate enough to visit a few months prior to the wedding in order to take a little peak (get it?) ourselves at the locations where things would be taking place. We even got to sneak a look at the flowers being grown in the garden that would be used for the wedding!

An outdoor wedding arch covered in bright colorful flowers with sailboats and an island in the distance near Portland, Maine

And while it's nice to have a home close by when you're getting married on an island, Zoe chose to let her parents worry about things other than playing hosts and instead opted to rent a home nearby to get ready in with her bridesmaids. With a sprawling yard and some beautifully lit rooms inside, we were able to capture some beautiful images during bridal prep!

A photo looking through a door frame at a bride getting help with her shoes from a bridesmaid

Once in her dress and ready to head to the venue, Zoe opted for a quick reveal to her bridesmaids, who were waiting outside. Of course they were all over the moon to see how stunning the bride looked and became overwhelmed with emotion realizing that this moment was finally here.

A bride looking over her shoulder into the camera while her bridesmaids are in the distance with their backs turned on Peaks Island Maine

Meanwhile, Cody got ready where all of their friends were staying for the weekend- the Eighth Maine Regiment Memorial Inn. A historic building right on the coast of the island, the inn provided plenty of wide open space inside and a wrap around porch outside to catch Cody and his groomsmen putting together their final touches.

A close up image of a groom's boutonniere being put in place on his jacket in Maine

Zoe and Cody made the decision to have a private first look and read their vows prior to the ceremony. We of course always recommend this to couples for multiple reasons- a chance to breathe before things really get going, a moment to express your love before standing together in front of a big crowd, and of course having more time to take photos together so they're not all crammed in after the ceremony!

A bride standing behind a groom on a rocky coastline in Maine

A rock garden not far from the family home was chosen as the backdrop for their first look. With waves crashing on the shore and hardly a cloud in the sky, Zoe slowly made her way up to Cody and gave him a gentle tap on the shoulder. The several uninterrupted minutes that followed were candid and romantic, and we were so honored to be there capturing it all!

Wide angle image of a bride and groom kissing on a rocky coastline in Maine

A wide angle photo of a bride reading to a groom on a rocky Maine coastline

The venue for the wedding was the TEIA Club, a lovely two story hall surrounded by covered porches and nested right on the coastline. The bridal party arrived nearly an hour before the ceremony to relax and get hidden away before guests began to arrive in busses ferried over from Portland. While family and friends gathered outside, Zoe took a few moments to relax and soak in the day.

A bride leaning back in a large leather chair at a wedding venue in Maine

Despite one of the busses missing the ferry over, things were still able to get back on schedule for the start of the ceremony. Zoe's brother served as the officiant and was immediately able to make the crowd feel relaxed and welcome with a few jokes. As the bridal party made their way out from the club and across the lawn, Cody was feeling all of the emotions waiting for his bride to walk down the aisle and join him.

Groom being walked down ceremony aisle by his parents on Peaks Island, Maine

A groom and his groomsmen look out into the distance in southern Maine

Of course Zoe looked stunning as she was walked arm in arm down the aisle by both her mother and father, wearing a gorgeous Evie Young dress and carrying a bouquet made of flowers picked directly from the family garden

Wide angle image of a wedding ceremony taking place on the coastline of Peaks Island, Maine

Although a relatively short and simple ceremony, it was hard to escape how striking the scene was. It's hard to complain when you're watching a couple get married under a late summer sky on in island in Maine with a slight breeze blowing and boats bobbing around in the background. You can understand why these two brought everyone together to enjoy this whole vibe with them on their big day!

One unique twist to Zoe and Cody's ceremony is that they had family and friends come up to speak, and instead of doing traditional readings, they gave their well wishes to the couple. It was a really nice way for people to be able to express their love and support for the couple in a much more personal way than the norm.

Bride and groom walking down the aisle after wedding ceremony while crowd blows bubbles in Maine

Bride and groom kissing in aisle while guests look on and blow bubbles on Peaks Island in Maine

As mentioned earlier, one of the great things about doing a first look is being able to take care of a bunch of photos before the ceremony so that they're not crammed in afterwards. Since Zoe and Cody got all of their bridal party and family photos done beforehand, they were able to actually join their guests and enjoy the cocktail hour!

Before guests were allowed into the reception space, Zoe and Cody took a few minutes to capture some shots of themselves around the hall, showing off all the little touches that had helped to transform the space. While we always make sure to capture details before tables become cluttered with guests and their personal belongings, it was a nice addition having the couple themselves in some of those images.

A bride and groom leaning against each other seated in a reception hall full of flowers in Maine

A bride and groom standing in a wood paneled recption hall on Peaks Island in Maine

Once the guests were welcomed inside and seated, things got going right away with Zoe and Cody's first dance. The layout of the tables and the size of the dining hall provided adequate space to the couple to move around, which is something for others to consider when booking a venue. Oftentimes the bride and groom are confined to smaller space for their first dance and don't have much of an opportunity to show off their moves!

Bride and groom dancing in TEIA Club reception hall on Peaks Island in Maine

After the first dance, meals were served and enjoyed by all (including us!). Once things were finished and plates were cleared, family and friends gave their toasts to the newlyweds.

Knowing that the sun would be setting at this point in the evening, we had scheduled time to take Zoe and Cody outside for some couples portraits in the golden hour light. While it was a bit overcast and the sun wasn't quite glowing how we would have loved, we were still able to get some incredible images, including a few of our all time favorites from the drone!

Drone photo of a couple laying on a dock surrounded by docked boats with sun setting over Portland, Maine