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Boston Museum of Fine Arts Engagement Session - Tess + Derek's Stealth Shoot!

With Tess and Derek's wedding coming up quickly this summer, there was little time to waste in nailing down a location for an engagement shoot in order to make sure those invites went out on time! Having spent some time previously working there, they suggested we meet up at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and oh boy, did it turn out incredible!

couple kissing on stairs at boston museum of fine art

While the museum doesn't technically allow professional photography without permission, we were up to the challenge and kept our expectations tampered. With one camera and one lens...and of course no flash, we strolled around the galleries taking shots here and there, trying to remain as low key as possible!

Fully expecting to get scolded a few times, we actually wound up having some wonderful conversations with some of the staff, and Tess and Derek got several rounds of congratulations when people realized what we were all up to! Two hours later and with a good chunk of the museum covered, we wound up with what is certainly a unique and noteworthy engagement gallery!

engaged couple embracing closely in museum hallway in Boston
couple holding hands and looking at photo of Egyptian pyramids
couple about to kiss in front of neon sign that says flirt and muse
black and white image of couple embracing as they look out window at snow falling


Greetings, Earthling!

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We are a wife-husband videography and photography team based in southern Maine, capturing really cool, dope weddings and elopements across all of New England. 

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