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Elegant Gay Wedding at Autumn Lane Estate in Sebago, Maine - Paul + Will

a gay couple kisses at their wedding as guests look on

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Paul and Will said their I Do's at Autumn Lane Estate on a beautiful day in Sebago, Maine this past weekend. Their destination wedding brought guests from all around the country to this beautiful lakeside venue for a very memorable weekend!

the old Maine state flag and Pride flag overlayed with gay couple

On Friday evening, the night before the wedding, Paul and Will had a bus chartered to pick everyone up and bring them to downtown Portland for a rehearsal dinner/welcome party at Liquid Riot! Not only did they rent out the entire bar, but there were tons of custom touches and more food and drinks than anyone could handle- these two are quite the hosts!

While the couple lives in the Washington D.C. area, Will grew up in Maine and has strong ties and family in the area. When thinking about where they wanted to get married, Paul and Will realized summertime in Maine would be perfect and planned to bring along plenty of guests to stay for a weekend of activities. Since Autumn Lane Estate has plenty of cottages on site, many of their guests were able to stay just up the hill from where the wedding was held!

A gay couple and their wedding party spraying champagne on porch.

Fast forward to wedding day, the couple got ready together along with their wedding party, only splitting up for final touches and getting into their tuxedos. Their siblings helped out as they both got anxious for their first look together!

While Will headed down to the lakeshore first, Paul was close behind with a huge smile on his face as he made his way down the staircase and tapped his groom on the shoulder. The two exchanged some emotional words with one another, and Will gifted Paul with two separate sets of FANCY cufflinks.

Of course one of the huge benefits of doing a first look that we always tell couples about, is having the opportunity to get all of your wedding party and family photos out of the way before the ceremony. That way they're able to actually join and enjoy cocktail hour, which was especially important for this wedding, as Paul and Will decided to have their first dance and parent dances during that time!

Wedding party looking up at second story balcony where gay couple is kissing.

The outdoor ceremony space was decorated simply and elegantly, surrounded by the lush green foliage that is such a staple of beautiful summer days in Maine! Flower women greeted guests as they walked down the aisle handing out White Claws and Fireball shots to get the party started. Then, each of the grooms walked out arm in arm with their beaming parents, as their guests looked on with admiration for the happy couple.

Image of a wedding ceremony space decorated in the mountains of Maine.
Outdoor ceremony being held for a gay couple in Maine.

Paul and Will's dog, Maeve, made a very special appearance as the ring bearer, as she excitedly ran down the aisle with a ring box strapped to her back! As a super energetic puppy, her time in the spotlight was quick so that the ceremony could be concluded before things got too crazy with her!

Gay couple kneeling down to pet their dog during outdoor wedding ceremony.
A gay couple kissing in the middle of wedding ceremony aisle surrounded by their guests.

Once all of the guests had the opportunity to move over to the cocktail hour area and get some refreshments, the wedding party was introduced and first dances began. Paul had an especially emotional surprise for his parents, using a song Paul's father had used in a video when he was deployed and wanted to comfort his family. It was a truly memorable moment.

Image of a barn and guests gathered around it during a cocktail hour reception in Maine.
A gay couple in tuxedos looking at each other and swinging their jackets over their shoulders.

Paul and Will filled their reception tent with the same style and elegance they created at their ceremony, filling the space with white florals and greenery, accented with soft pink and black details.

Following dinner and toasts, we snuck these two out from their reception to take them up the hill and get some final photos and videos before the sunset. They brought Maeve along, too!

Having already cut one of their seven (!!!) cakes the previous evening at the welcome party, Paul and Will opted to scoop gelato together instead. And of course, what would a cake cutting/gelato scooping be without someone trying to get desert all over the other person's face!

As the sun set over the mountains of Maine, the dance party started inside the barn. Decorated with neon signs, disco balls, and plenty of silver streamers, guests put on their dancing shoes and had a blast partying it up! An amazing end to a beautiful day. Those lucky enough to be staying on the property only had to walk up the hill to hit the hay, and were treated to breakfast the next morning. Again, these two are incredible hosts! What a weekend!

Paul and Will opted to add our Film Photography upgrade to their package! Shooting a roll of Kodak Portra film at their wedding created some unique and nostalgic photos to add to their gallery...

They also added a 1 minute Sneak Peek Trailer to their package, creating an epic, easily shareable teaser they could share within days of their wedding! Their sneak peek trailer was delivered in both vertical and horizontal formats, so they could share on both social media, as well as view it on a standard TV or laptop.

Paul and Will's Review

"Mars and the Moon are SO AWESOME - they truly surpassed even our highest expectations for our wedding photography and videography team. Bonnie and Jon, thank you so much for jumping aboard our wedding journey over the past year. We feel very lucky and privileged that you lent your talents to capture our very special day / weekend / time in our life. Y'all are truly incredible - we will cherish what you created for us for a lifetime!"

A gay couple kissing outdoors in tuxedos at wedding.

Paul and Will invested in our Film + Photo "Galaxy" Package, which is our MOST popular package. They upgraded their package with photography coverage of their welcome party, a 1-minute sneak peek video trailer, and film photography.

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Entertainment and Lighting - DJ Petro: @therealdjpetro

Hair and Make-Up - JW Artistry: @jannaxartistry

Transportation - Custom Coach:

Rehearsal dinner and welcome party - Liquid Riot Bottling Co: @liquid_riot