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Rainy Boho Backyard Wedding in New Hampshire

boho bride and groom new hampshire wedding

It's one of the biggest fears any couple planning an outdoor wedding could have: a torential, non-stop downpour on their wedding day. Not just on your wedding day, but before, during, and after your, ALL DAY LONG. For Chloe and Mikah, this fear became a reality. Rather than letting the rain ruin their day, this couple stayed grounded and held on to what this day was truly about for them. They were joining their two lives together, in front of their closest friends and family, in a spot that holds a special place in their hearts. This is the wedding of the Chloe and Mikah - a rainy, boho, slightly chaotic "cluster" of a backyard wedding in New Hampshire.

The Boho Backyard Ceremony

Chloe's parent's private property in New Hampshire served as the backdrop for Chloe and Mikah's ceremony. With around 30 of their nearest and dearest, it felt less like a wedding and more like a big family reunion. Everyone huddled under little tents to watch the couple share their vows. The eclectic mix of bohemian decor and the picturesque charm of the backyard on the lake created an atmosphere that was equal parts raw and enchanting. From earthy florals and fluffy pompas grass swaying in the breeze (some would say heavy wind), to the place cards handwritten by the groom's daughters, every detail echoed Chloe and Mikah's laid-back, free-spirited vibe.

First Looks w/ A Storm Brewing

The day started with Chloe and Mikah both getting ready at the Enfield Shaker Museum. When we arrived, we immediately fell in love with the goofy, chill vibes this couple greeted us with. Neither of them were taking this day too seriously, and made sure to have some FUN while they were hanging out and getting ready.

Once everyone was prepped and dressed, Chloe shared a first look with her dad and brother, before her maid-of-honor helped her over to get set for her first look with Mikah. The couple, both barefoot, were blown away with each other's wedding looks, and Mikah had some grounding words for Chloe as the day got started (peep their wedding film above!)

We could smell the rain in the air, and knew this might be the only opportunity for some photos with the couple and their wedding party.

After a goofy, quick photo sesh, we headed over to the house, while Mikah left on a pontoon boat to head to the ceremony. His grand entrance was both super unique, and very wet. When he arrived to the ceremony, he picked up his guitar and sang, while Chloe walked down the aisle. I'm not crying, YOU'RE CRYING. Chloe had ALMOST made it to the end of the aisle, but in true Chloe fashion, her veil got caught on the concrete firepit and was nearly pulled out! Everyone had a good laugh though, including Chloe.

Vows and Doggy Drama

Amidst their emotional, and sometimes funny vows (watch their wedding film at the top!), Chloe took a moment for Mikah's daughters, promising to be the best step-mom EVER, and gifting them matching necklaces.

Now, let's talk about the four-legged wedding crashers – their dogs. Bless their hearts; they tried, but let's just say they left their mark (literally).

Despite smelling like doo-doo, and creating a bit of chaos, the furry friends added an unexpected layer of joy and laughter to the day. It's these unplanned moments that make a wedding unforgettable....and will make your parents never let you bring your dogs in their house again.

Chloe and Mikah are Married!

After sharing their vows and exchanging rings, these two shared a sensual first kiss where Mikah dipped Chloe allllllll the way back! They then grabbed an umbrella and rushed over to their reception tent, where they celebrated with their wedding party and family.

Epic Sunsets in the Honeymoon Suite

Whenever rain threatens to ruin a wedding, we're always ready to get the couple excited for an epic sunset. It almost never fails: rainy days equal epic sunsets. Chloe and Mikah's wedding was no exception. After dinner, we saw the glow and took the couple out to the dock for some "blue hour" sunset time. Chloe and Mikah weren't interested in posed photos (and we aren't either), so these two boody danced, giggled, and snuggled their way through a couple of photos. After their mini sunset session, the wedding party wanted to show them the surprise tent they had set up! This was glamping at it's finest. As Chloe and Mikah unzipped the door to their "honeymoon suite," they were in love with steamy boho vibes waiting inside. Of course, we hopped in with them...just for a couple of steamy pics and video!

Toasts, First Dances, and Gettin' Sloppy

The reception was a rollercoaster of emotions, thanks to toasts that were equal parts tearful and side-splitting. Friends and family shared stories that had everyone reaching for tissues one moment and clutching their stomachs from laughter the next. The intimacy of the small gathering allowed for heartfelt speeches that truly resonated with each guest.